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Watauga County haunted locations:

Nearby haunted sites on the driving tour

Attendees will receive a road map for do-it-yourself driving tours of the region's most haunted sites. Some of these sites are private property and the conference organizers don't endorse or support any investigations or trespassing--this is for information only

The Green Park Inn was once the site of a Civil War stockade used by the notorious Union rogue Col. George Kirk, and war records state a number of Confederate prisoners were killed or died there. Additionally, several Union soldiers died from disease and were buried near what is now holes number 7 and 8 on the Blowing Rock Country Club Golf Course, which is privately owned and operated.

Cone Manor on the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway has a number of legends surrounding it. Constructed in the late 1800s by textile magnate Moses Cone, the house and surrounding estate was turned over to the National Park Service in the 1930s. Rangers staying at the house have reported doors opening and closing, pictures falling from the wall, and the presence of a spirit some believe was Cone's sister. Cone and his wife are buried on a nearby hillside and some claim the graves are haunted. Since the National Park Service has stringent rules on group events, we can't hold a formal investigation of the sites or get after-hours access to the house, which is now a visitor's center and craft shop. However, this is public property, and anyone is welcome to visit the sites at any time and take pictures, audio recordings, EMF recordings, etc.

Westglow Resort & Spa in Blowing Rock, formerly the home of painter Elliott Daingerfield, was built in 1916 and is on private property. While sources have said it is haunted, no documented myths exist.

Graystone Towers in Blowing Rock, formerly the site of Mayview Manor, is reputedly haunted. The legend goes that someone was pushed out of the "poker room" at the top of the turret. It is a private residence.

Tijuana Fats, a restaurant on Main Street in Blowing Rock that was converted from a private home, has long been considered a paranormal hotspot, especially near the chimney. A ghost named Mary is said to haunt the premises. Complete story at

The Inn at Ragged Gardens Blowing Rock, has ghost stories attached and contains the Best Cellar Restaurant. The inn was built in the early 1900s.
East Hall Dormitory on the Appalachian State University campus in Boone has elicited reports of typical supernatural activity, with mysterious footsteps, lights flipping on and off, whispering, and third-floor bathroom haunted by a man. A girl in white is said to make unexpected appearances and items sometimes disappear.

The Horn in the West grounds in Boone, where Hickory Ridge Homestead has cabins dating back to the 1700's, is allegedly the site of more than a few spooks and spirits.

The Brown Mountain Lights, Burke County, a mysterious phenomenon that was featured in an episode of "The X-Files," is about an hour's drive from the hotel. While no organized visit is scheduled, there are three public overlook sites from which the lights can be seen.

Cannon Hospital in Banner Elk. Now abandoned, legends about of screams being heard in its empty halls. Popular for trespassers and thrillseekers, it is posted and they will prosecute trespassers.
Interior photos by an urban explorer at

Tate Dormitory and Carson Library on the Lees-McRae College campus in Banner Elk are reputed to be haunted. The dorm was formerly Grace Memorial Hospital and the fourth floor was a psychiatric ward. Emily Draughn, who died in the 1930s of tuberculosis at the age of 12, is said to haunt both locations.

Mt. Bethel Reform Church
The Mount Bethel Evangelical Reform Church was bought as church property in 1887 and the deed was recorded in 1893, and the church building was constructed soon afterward. It was an active church until 1921, and is now the property of the Blowing Rock Conference Center, which gave kind permission to allow a paranormal investigation of the grounds. Access will be limited to waking hours due to its location in a quiet neighborhood.

According to Jerry Burns, longtime editor of the Blowing Rocket and member of the town's historical society, the graveyard was well known as a haunted location during his youth. According to legend, an "old Indian" had hollowed out a log for his own coffin and was buried at the site, and is believed to be the specter that Burns said he and others personally witnessed.

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