Nov. 21-23, 2008

Wall-to-wall ghost hunting

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From Jennifer Lowe, recorded Sept. 7, filed Sept. 17, 2008:I had my husband take pictures of our room – when we went back through them I noticed this pic in particular and what appears to be an orb.  I checked all pics before and after thinking it was just a dust spot…but there is no same mark.  There is a lot of light filtering through the window but this thing has a distinct circular shape.  Can you tell me what you think?


I have always been fascinated by the paranormal, so when my husband booked a room at the Green Park Inn for our Anniversary. I was very excited to find out the history of it.  We checked in and went up to our room.  Nothing unusual, we could tell the place needs some tlc, but we expected that.  We went down to the bar, got a drink and went to the front desk and asked about the “hauntings” etc.  The staff was very friendly and showed us the notebook with guest experiences as well as another book with findings from the paranormal group.  We flipped through a little bit, and asked where our room (#244) was in relation to most of the encounters.  We were told our room wasn’t in the known area of encounters and we should be safe…then we look in the notebook and the next experience we read said room #240 – just four doors down!  That was pretty darn close to me! 

Anyway, we headed back up to get ready to go out to dinner.  I was in the bathroom and my husband was on the deck overlooking the pool.  He heard a tapping noise coming from the deck beside of ours and had gone to investigate, when he did it stopped.  When he turned back around it started back up.  He called me out to listen to it but it had stopped again.  No one was staying in the room beside us.  We brushed it off and went out to eat.  When we came back to the room after dinner my husband went out again on the deck and heard the tapping noise again.  This time I heard it as well, and told him I could hear it.  At that time he came back inside and closed the door. Then we heard thuds and what sounded like a drawer or cabinet in the room next to us opening and closing.  No one was in that room.  I asked my husband what that noise was – he said he didn’t know and that he didn’t want to talk about it.  We both just had the urge to get out of the room. 

We left and went to the bar.  When we walked out of our room and started down the hallway we both had the sensation of some one being behind us, so we picked up our pace and looked back only nothing was there.  We then rounded a corner and heard footsteps and children laughing behind us…we didn’t look back we just kept our fast pace and booked it on down to the bar.  I didn’t see children while we were there.  My husband thinks there were some on our floor but I never saw them.  We stayed at the bar for a little while, and then decided to go back up to bed.  My husband fell asleep very quickly, but I just couldn’t go to sleep. I felt like some one was watching us, I just had a strange feeling. I kept hearing noises (the same as before) from the room next door – but again no one was staying in that room. 

The noises kept me up until about 1:30 am when I woke my husband up and asked him to switch sides with me. Then I was able to fall asleep.  At about 5 in the morning my husband woke up to a cold sensation running down his back. He said it felt like someone had laid down behind him, at the same time the tv was going in and out with static.  He said it was gone as quickly as it came.  He chose not to wake me because he knew it bother me, so he waited until after we had checked out to tell me about it.  We kept the tv on all night, along with the hallway and bathroom lights.  The tv never had static or problems getting reception until my husband experience the coldness and chill from behind.  Once the coldness and feeling of someone being behind him left, he said the tv came back into perfect reception again. 

So, while we didn’t have an encounter to the same degree as others have, I still feel, and so does my husband that something or someone was present in our room that night. 

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