November, 2009

Wall-to-wall ghost hunting

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This takes place down in the basement where the ballroom is.
From Chris Meeks: This EVP was captured at approximately 1:29am on Saturday night (Nov. 22, 2008).  I ask a question and receive "yeah" for an answer from what sounds like a young female.  You will hear it crystal clear with headphones on. Debbie keeps on asking questions as if nothing happened, and I did not hear this answer at the time it was given. 


From Lisa Greene, who had not tried "automatic writing" in years until the GPPC: Through automatic Through automatic writing I received the following message:   "Please tell them that I am here. My name is Nancy.  I died in 1922 in the courtyard.  I loved this place."

From Joe Clemmer at GPPC '08: Photo below is the only one of a series to have the apparent shadow on the left of the screen

From Olivia Church: Taken in the basement at the close of the conference (Sunday, Nov. 23, 2009), Olivia said she saw this outline when she went down to the basement alone.


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