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What you say about Scott's work

"Just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your 12-part article about the publication of The Red Church. I read the first part and thought, 'Hmm, looks good, I'll read this later.' But I ended up reading the lot right there and then. Unfortunately this temporarily prevented me from getting on with my own novel. >:- ("--11/9/04

"Greetings from the midwest. I just finished reading The Manor and was impressed with the book. I enjoyed the story lines and the twists at the end of the story. I'm neither a writer nor a critic, just a reader and will be buying your book The Red Church tomorrow. I don't think I will invest in The Harvest, though, because I don't prefer the alien stuff in story lines. Thank you Stephen King. I will be keeping my eyes open for future books by you and wish you the best in your writing career."--11/8/04

"I was recently introduced to your work by a co-worker. All I have to say is "Zippity Blankity Doo Dah!! Finally, a story teller. I love your Appy Witch Woman. Please keep the quality work coming."--11/7/04

"Just finished and really enjoyed " The Manor ". Having visited the North Carolina mountains and being a southerner gave me a real insight into the book, characters and setting. Nothing like a good ghost story to set your mind wandering. I kept feeling like someone was watching me while I read the book. Nope, just my dog. I look forward to reading your other books."--11/5/04

"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed The Red Church. You skilfully portrayed the gripping emotions of a family being splintered by twisted belief. Such content can very easily become heavy handed, but given your skills it never did." --11/4/04

"I'm writing just to let you know that your books are very popular at our library. I bought The Red Church for our collection and was very surprised at how many times it was being checked out (over 20 I think now). That's great for a new author. I then began to look at your web site and soon became a fan myself. Harvest is doing very well, too. I have to keep reordering multiple copies of your books."--9/23/04

"Scott, Just finished The Manor last night, absolutely wonderful. I was as captured by your words as the people in the Manor house were captured by Ephram!! Kudos to you on another successful novel." --9/21/04

"Just wanted to write and tell you that I stayed up so late last night finishing off the Manor. I LOVED IT!!!!! Write more like this's been my favorite."-- 9/19/04

"This week I finally had a chance to purchase and read The Manor. This is in my opinion one of your BEST and it almost put me in the hospital . . . I plan to finish the book with my back against the wall, all the lights on and a clean pair of underwear handy!" --9/14/04

"I went into Books-A-Million and the lady who orders books came to me and said she wanted to show me something. She took me to a shelf with your books on it. She said that I had talked about them so much she ordered them and that they had already sold several copies. It finally worked and I'm still working on some other stores."-- 9/3/04

"My favorite author of all times is Dean Koontz and I think your work is very comparable to his." --8/4/04

"I have just read your book The Red Church and have bought The Harvest. I loved your writing, especially the look in to some of the mountain people. I, myself, have a "hillbilly" family....we're probably related I'm also a Nicholson..... although I live in Georgia. My family is from the Georgia and Tennessee Mountains and up in NC too. Some of the characters were so related to me!!!!!"-- 8/3/04

"I won't be picnicing in the woods for a while LOL.I just finished "The Harvest"and was thrilled.Your writing cannot be surpassed by anyone and since I got to reading 40 years ago I know what I am talking about.I love the summer months but now I hope it goes by a little bit faster to read your next book in September." -- 6/24/04

"Just read "The Harvest" and "The Red Church". D. Koontz, R. Mccammon, F. Paul Wilson, and even Steven King have some big competition. Love your stories and am looking forward to your next book in september. A new fan." --6/24/044/04

"My 7-year old son picked out your book for my reading pleasure....he knows how I like the 'scary' books and I would assume that the cover is what caught his attention.  I'm very tired today because I stayed up late reading the end.  A very good story!"-- 6/1/04 


"I am an aspiring writer from Iowa (Who wouldn't want to be? In my opinion, it's the most exotic career for a hard-working person). I've read The Red Church, and I've started The Harvest. Pretty damn good books." -5/02/04

"You are one of the best and I say to King, Koontz and Little, Look out boys there's a new sheriff in town and he's gunning for you." --4/23/04

"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your books. I live in Boone and have read your articles in the paper for some time. I have read The Red Church and The Harvest and look forward to The Manor. Keep up the great writing." --4/16/04

"I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoy your writing.  I am something of a fledgling writer myself and I tend to enjoy writing horror stories and real life suspense stories.  "--4/13/04

"I really enjoy your writing style, because I can definitely see your personality come through. As I mentioned before, there seems to be a subtle undercurrent of humour threading through the story. And then, something really horrible suddenly hits you." --3/24/04

"I can assure I am a fan. A shame about the danish versions. But I think a lot of authors choose for instant Germany instead of Denmark because of the population. I got your books from a trip to Thailand. The first one was recommended to me by an american backpacker. I thank him." --3/22/04

"Finished 'The Harvest' today and wanted to compliment you on your achievement.  I enjoyed it from start to finish.  The best compliment I can give a writer is that their story was readable...and that yours was." --3/10/04

"I just finished reading The Harvest and thought it was very good. (Too bad it isn't really that easy to forgive people in real life though -- huh? People have that other human weakness called 'Lack of trust') :-) ! Thought it was great and you really are good at making the reader visualize the characters. Good luck with your third novel as well!""-- 2/17/04

"Last year I purchased the book (The Red Church) to complete my obligation to the Mystery Guild Book Club, because the synopsis looked 'more interesting' than anything else they were offering at the time. I picked it up at the post office on Saturday afternoon, went home and started cooking dinner. While I waited for the stew to cook I opened the book to 'take a look at it' until it would be time to plop the dumplings into the pot ~ and did not do one more stitch of work the rest of the week-end (my poor husband)! Instant fan!!!! What a spellbinder you are!"-- 2/7/04

"Hi Mr.Nicholson i just wanted you to know that i have read both The Red Church and The Harvest and i enjoyed them both. I think you are a terrific writer and i hope you write many more horror novels in the future so i can enjoy reading them as much as the previous two." -- 1/19/04

"I picked up a copy of ‘The Harvest’ and I enjoyed it very much. I don’t usually read horror fiction, but love Southern/Appalachian-based fiction, I found ‘The Harvest’ to be a very entertaining and rewarding read." -- 1/16/04

"Having read THE HARVEST, I really enjoyed the direction you took with both the storyline as well as the characters. I'm about nine chapters in on THE RED CHURCH as I write this, and I'm more impressed with this story." -- 12/31/03

"The only comparison I could see to Stephan King was that this novel was a thinly disguised version of Tommyknockers. The characters were all miserable cliches with lame dialouge and no depth. The plot was predictable and not very original, not to mention halting." --12/21/03
Scott's note-- for the record, I've never read Tommyknockers.>

"When I want to be scared spitless I turn to you, Richard Laymon, Stephen King, Dean Koontz. Men. Now they know how to scare me." --12/5/03

"I have to admit that this story (The Red Church).scared me not from the actual monster, but the people that fanatically follow any old a**hole that pushes the right buttons. Reminded me of Jim Jones, Heaven's Gate, and Charles Manson, to name a few. God, I hate religious fanatics! You really touched a nerve with me on that one!"-- 12/1/03

"I just finished reading your book The Harvest and I liked it very much.  I like to read Richard Laymon - Traveling Vampire Show - and I knew from the excerpts that you have been compared to Ray Bradbury. I was impressed with the flow of your character personalities and how real they all seemed to be."-- 11/30/03

"Your book kept me enthralled the whole time and the characters were so rich with life. I hope you put it to film some day. Thank you for a wonderful story and please do keep up the good work. For once in a long time, I got what I paid for and more."-- 11/12/03

"You've got a journalist's economy and the imagination of someone who has listened to things that go bump in the night.  Great ear right down to mellifluous names like Tamara and Ginger.  Most of all, I appreciated the succinct handling of the alien consciousness." --11/11/03e. 

""Just wanted to let you know that ive become a huge fan of yours especially with your last effort "The Harvest".  The characters were somewhat off the beaten path, the crotchety old hillbilly Chester, James the misplaced youth were among my favorites just for the fact that normally these kinda characters dont fall into the category of being the heroes of the story, but you pulled it off well. I suppose the story is reminiscent of horror b-movies but i still found it fresh and exciting and loved the bits of humor you included as well. YOuve prob. have already heard all this from your legions of fans, and i hope they will be growing now, esp. being as the likes of the big dogs (king and koontz) seemed to be well past their prime and have moved on to maybe bigger but not necessarily better things." -- 11/07/03

"I just finished The Red Church. Good writing and command of the language.  Hard to put down.  But now I'm scared of what other stuff might be going around in your head!"-- 11/04/03

"I just finished reading The Red Church yesterday. I was outside as I read the last ten pages and the first thing I did was look over my shoulder, sure that something was lurking behind me."-- 11/03/03

"I'm sure you are a very busy person, but I wanted to write and let you know I just finished 'The Harvest' and I thought it was a great book. I'm am looking forward to reading some more of your books. I live in the peidmont of NC, and just wanted you to know you are making this state proud." -- 11/03/03

"You absolutely charmed my students and the other teachers.  I cannot thank you enough.  Everyone was energized by you, including me!  I sat myself in front of the computer yesterday and today and began something that had been boiling around for a while. I have churned out quite a number of pages and am going back to it as soon as I sign off here.  I appreciate the infusion of 'do-it-ness."' -- 10/26/03

"Bloch, King, Laymon, Little... Scott Nicholson!  Woo Hoo!    I've only been a fan for a few short months now, having discovered your book 'The Harvest' because I could dig its nifty green cover (lol), but with that title - alongside 'The Red Church' and 'Thank You For The Flowers' - you've definitely moved onto my list of all-time favorites. I'm writing from Kentucky and can definitely relate to the tales you're spinning - you're hitting the nail on the head with your character, narrative and locale descriptions!  I mentioned that I'm spreading the word on horror boards, and included you in a list of faves that are all horror scribes, but are you a horror author?  Would have to say not.  You're just a damn good storyteller" --10/22/03

"I recently found your book at my local library.  I enjoyed The Harvest a lot.  What made it memorable were the outstanding characters like Chester and Dewalt and James, but I was upset you killed off Netty.  I admired how you had so many characters but you showed them in a way so they all stood out." --10/15/03

"I am reading The Harvest and enjoying it thoroughly." --10/14/03

""I'm a big horror fan and I love your books. Do you have any more planned?"-- 10/2/03

"Bravo. It's been a while since I read supernatural thrillers, and of course the first time I've read an Appala-CH-ian Gothic! Well done. I was reminded very much of both Steven King (though you don't take 3 pages to describe the subtle nuances of how the light reflects off any given door handle) and Dean Koontz (though your endings don't sound nearly as tired and anticlimactic.) The story flow kept me engrossed. In fact, I took the day off just to finish the last half. I'm glad I did!"-- 9/29/03

"So here it is, nearly 11:00, the night before my big psychology exam and I'm totally unprepared for it –all thanks to you! I've just finished your book, The Harvest. I was simply unable to stop reading. It was excitingly addictive!!"-- 9/28/03

"I picked up a copy of THE HARVEST yesterday, and started reading it today on the bus trip downtown. I'm enjoying it a lot, so far, and to be honest it's a lovely surprise to find it's so good. I actually wasn't expecting to enjoy it this much, and half-expected to be putting it aside after thirty pages or so - it just seems so much horror fiction coming out these days is sub-standard writing, and a lot of the so-called 'new wave' seem terribly overrated. I picked up the book on a whim, more than anything else. I'm glad I did." --9/24/03

"I really enjoyed your new novel. It had all the ingredients I like in a horror novel. The monster (icky bug) eats half the characters, there is lots of sex, and there is a liberal use of the word 'f--k.' Seriously, it moved well and drew out the characters."-- 9/23/03

"I just finished The Harvest. It was great, keep it up. You have a new fan."-- 9/17/03

"Dunno if you've seen the review of HARVEST in latest ish of FANGORIA or not, but you probably don't want to. You know what they say, those who can't. . . ." 9/13/03

"I just wanted to tell you that when my mom first started reading your books she thought you were Stephen King under a different name until I looked you up online. She still thinks it could be true."-- 9/12/03

"I can tell that I will enjoy getting to know Tamara. What's not to like about a psychology teacher who listens to the B-52's and occasionally has rather spectacular theories?"-- 9/5/03 

"I finished The Harvest!!  It was REALLY good and I can't WAIT for your next book in September of next year!!"-- 9/5/03 

"Everything I've read by you has been just great storytelling in every sense of the term. I'd really like to see you grab the torch that Stephen King has ran with for so long."-- 9/3/03

(Scott prints the good, the bad, and the ugly here, so don't be afraid to chip in your two pennies)

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