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Short Stories

Novella "Transparent Lovers" coming from PS Publishing, 2010

"Farewell To Meat" in Carnival of Madness, forthcoming in 2010

"Apple Head Dolly" in Appalachian Winter Hauntings, Oct. 2009

"The Name Game"in The Death Panel, December 2009

"Fallow" forthcoming in Shivers VI

"Bone By Bone" forthcoming in Cemetery Dance Magazine

"Wampus Cat" in Legends of the Mountain State 3, September 2009

"The Shaping" in the anthology Unspeakable Horror, Spring 2009

Novella "Burial To Follow" in the
Brimstone Turnpike anthology from
Cemetery Dance Publications, 2008. Available as free e-book

"Good Fences"in
Shivers V, 2008

"The Christening" at
WrongWorld, Summer 2008

"Silver Run" in Legends of the Mountain State, Oct. 2007

"Must See To Appreciate" in Black Static #2, Dec. 2007. Hear it online at Transmissions From Beyond

"A Socketful of Blather" in Spacesuits and Sixguns, Apr. 2007

"The Night Is An Ally" in A Dark And Deadly Valley, Feb. 2007

"Dumb Luck" in the Exit Laughing anthology, Dec. 2006

"Work In Progress" in Crimewave #9, Dec. 2006

"Heal Thyself" in Aegri Somnia, Dec. 2006

"Last Writes" (co-written with Edgar Allan Poe) in the Cemetery Dance anthology Poe's Lighthouse, May 2006

"She Climbs A Winding Stair" in The Book of Dark Wisdom #9, May 2006

"Dog Person" in
Cemetery Dance #56, Summer 2006. Selected for 2007 Year's Best Fantasy & Horror

"The Devil's Doormen" in
Red Scream #1, Oct. 2005

"How To Build Your Own Coffin" in Crimewave #8, Oct. 2005

"Invisible Bullets" at The Vacant Funhouse, March 2005

"The Weight of Silence" in the Corpse Blossoms anthology, Dec. 2005

"Watermelon"in Cemetery Dance Magazine #51, Spring 2005

"In The Family" in The Third Alternative #41, March 2005

"Playmates" in free e-book "New Voices From Kensington" featuring Scott, Jon F. Merz and Brandon Massey, 2002. Reprinted in Midnight Street #3, April 2005. Audio version at Wrong World, Oct. 2008

"Carnival Knowledge" in the anthology "The Last Pentacle of The Sun: Writings in Defense of the West Memphis Three," Fall 2004

"Eat Me" in the charity anthology
Small Bites , Fall 2004

"You'll Never Walk Alone" in The Book of Final Flesh, May 2003. Reprint in The Best of All Flesh

"Doomsday Diary" in the anthology Vivisections, April 2003.
E-versions available at FictionWise

"Penance" in Black October #3, October 2002. E-versions available at FictionWise

"The Hounds of Love" in The Book Of More Flesh, October 2002

"Beggar's Velvet" in the anthology Whispers And Shadows, January 2002. E-version available at Fictionwise

"The Night The Wind Died" in Flesh & Blood #10, July 2002. E-versions available at FictionWise

"Honesty" in the e-book magazine Future Orbits, June 2002. E-versions available at FictionWise

"Murdermouth" in anthology The Book of All Flesh, October 2001. E-versions available at FictionWise. Reprinted in The Best of All Flesh.

"Tellers" in Speculon, October 2001

"Scarecrow Boy" in Chiaroscuro, July 2001

"The Meek" in the CD-ROM anthology EXTREMES II, February, 2001 ( CD includes three original Scottsongs: "Robert Is Dead," "Popsicle In The Sun," and "Circle of Flames")

"When You Wear These Shoes" in the literary anthology Happy #15, January 2001. E-versions available at FictionWise

"The Way of All Flesh" in Altair #6/7, November 2000. E-versions available at FictionWise

"Narrow Is The Way" in the Brainbox e-anthology, Oct. 2000, and paperback, August 2001

"In The Heart of November" in the young adult anthology BE AFRAID, July 2000

"Skin" in Canadian Fiction Magazine's NORTHERN HORROR anthology, July 2000

"Need" in the NASTY SNIPS anthology, December 1999

"Constitution" in CARPE NOCTEM #16, November 1999. French appearance in Tenebres 2007.

"Sung Li" in At The Brink of Madness #3, October 1999. Reprint at Horrorfind, March 2003

"The Vampire Shortstop" in the anthology Writers of the Future Vol. XV, September 1999. Reprint in the anthology Baseball Fantastic, July 2000. Reprint in the anthology MOTA: TRUTH, August, 2002

"The Three-Dollar Corpse" in the anthology DEAD PROMISES, September 1999

"Letters and Lies" in BLUE MURDER #9, August 1999. Reprinted at Horrorfind, 2001

"Do You Know Me Yet?" in The Psycho Ward anthology, July 1999

"Angelorum Orbis" in Vampire Dan's Story Emporium #6, June 1999. Reprinted at Imaginary Worlds, 2001

"Thirst" (German translation) in STORISENDE, December 1998, and anthology
Die Drachen Von Morgen. English version in Electric Wine, October, 2000. Reprinted in StellarCon 25 program, March 2001

"Haunted" in the anthology MORE MONSTERS FROM MEMPHIS, December 1998. Reprinted in Electric Wine, March 2000. Reprint in the Rhine Research Center benefit anthology
Mystery In Mind, March 2003

"Kill Your Darlings" in BLUE MURDER #5, December 1998

"Homecoming" in Maelstrom #2, October 1998. Reprinted online in Electric Wine, October 2001.

"Metabolism" in the anthology WRITERS OF THE FUTURE Vol. XIV, October 1998
(read it online at Infinity Plus)

"The Boy Who Saw Fire" in THE LEADING EDGE #36, September 1998

"The Timing Chains of the Heart" in E-SCAPE #8, June 1998

"Dead Air" in BLUE MURDER #3, June 1998 (read an

"The Shifting Sands of Memory" in XODDITY #3, May 1998

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